Each week, Gainsborough Salvation Army Food Bank feeds over 200 people, spending over £2,500 each month on food.

The Salvation Army church covers all light, heat and storage costs, so every penny donated goes on buying food for those who it need it.

Run by volunteers, the Food Bank works to provide people with UHT milk, tinned meat, tinned tuna, beans, soup and more, which can all be donated to The Salvation Army on Mondays & Fridays 9am-1pm or Sundays 9:30am-12pm.

This year, the Food Bank will be speaking at the Annual Assembly of the Town Meeting about donations, who they support and how you can get involved.

Statistics presented during their talk

Food Bank Statistics showing the total number of people fed each month in 2023 on a graph:
Jan - 761
Feb - 663
Mar - 786
Apr - 563
May - 513
Jun - 736
Jul - 540
Aug - 608
Sep - 801
Oct - 674
Nov - 890 
Dec - 637

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