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What is a town or parish council?

It is a statutory local authority set up under the Local Government Act 1972. A town or parish council is a local authority that makes decisions on behalf of the people in the parish. It is the level government closest to the community. A town council has exactly the same powers as parish council – it is simply that the council has decided to take on the title of ‘town’.

Who is on the council?

It is made up of 18 Town Councillors who do not receive remuneration or payment for their work. They are elected once every four years. Every year the Town Council elects one of them to be the Chairman of the council.

Can I attend meetings of the council?

Yes, meetings of the council and its committees are open to the public and the press, except in very exceptional circumstances. The time and place of meetings must be advertised beforehand – usually on the noticeboards and website.

Can I speak at meetings of the Town Council?

You cannot speak while the normal business of the meeting is being conducted. However, in some meetings there is a ‘public forum’ where members of the public can speak. The Town Clerk can provide you with details about how this works.

How do people get elected to the council?

Elections are held every four years and will usually coincide with a District Council election. A Public Notice of a forthcoming election will be placed on noticeboards and on this website. Sometimes the number of people who put their names forward for election is less than the number of seats on the council or a councillor resigns. In these circumstances, the council can co-opt someone to fill the vacancies.

What powers does the Town Council have with respect to planning?

The Town Council is consulted by the relevant planning authority (which is the West Lindsey District Council) on all planning applications. Any views expressed by the Town Council are taken into account before a decision is made. The final decision is made by the Planning Authority, not the Town Council.

Where do I pay or find out more about my Council Tax?

The Town Council does not collect Council Tax or hold records about it. Please contact  West Lindsey District Council –  visit the following link to find out more information:

How do I apply for a Bus Pass or Disability Parking badge?

The Town Council does not administer this service. Please contact the Lincolnshire County Council – visit the following link to find out more information:

Can I apply for housing? Can I pay my rent?

The Town Council does not collect manage Council housing or collect rent. Please contact the West Lindsey District Council – visit the following link to find out more information:

Where can I find out about planning applications and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)?

You can find out information about all planning applications and TPOs in the West Lindsey District Council Planning Portal: here


Who do I contact about bin collection?

The Town Council does not collect bins. You can find out more on the West Lindsey District Council website:

Who is responsible for the roads and street lights – for example paths, pot holes, street signs, speed limits and drains etc?

The Town Council manages two roundabouts. Please see the services page for more information. Most paths and street lights in the area are managed by the Lincolnshire County Council.

Who provides grit bins and road clearing services in winter?

Grit bins and Road clearing is handled by the Lincolnshire County Council. You can find out more on the following page: