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Town Council Wards

The Town Council is made up of 18 councillors. Elections take place once every four years. The next elections will be in May 2023. Each Town Councillor is elected to represent one of four different wards.

Each ward is represented by a certain number of councillors as follows:

Hill Ward
8 Elected Councillors
Trent Ward
4 Elected Councillors
North-East Ward
1 Elected Councillors
North-West Ward
5 Elected Councillors

You can find out which ward you are in by looking on the Google map below.
(Please note that map is not an official document.)

You can also look on the map produced by the Boundary Commission at the end of the last review

Parish Ward Area Map

Local Government Boundary Commission outline map image.

Alternatively, you can find your street in the Ward Street List .

Gainsborough District Ward Street List.PDF