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2024 Election Results

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2023 Election Results

Gainsborough Town Council – Uncontested Election

West Lindsey District Council – Election Results

2023 Elections

On 04 May 2023, there will be elections to the Gainsborough Town Council and the the West Lindsey District Council. Please see the election notices below. You can find information on how to register to vote, how and where to vote, on voter ID and postal votes and on how to stand to be elected on the West Lindsey District Council’s election page: Elections and voting | West Lindsey District Council (west-lindsey.gov.uk)

West Lindsey District Council


Gainsborough Town Council

You will be asked to elect a total of 18 councillors in four wards: Gainsborough Hill, Gainsborough North-East, Gainsborough North-West and Gainsborough Trent.



2023 Parish Election Notice
2023 Parish Election Notice
Page 2 Election Notice
Page 2 Parish Election Notice

West Lindsey District Council

There will also be elections to the district council on the same day in three wards.


Notice of Election Gainsborough North
Notice of Election Gainsborough North

Notice of Election Gainsborough East
Notice of Election Gainsborough East

Notice of Election Gainsborough South-West
Notice of Election Gainsborough South-West

2021 Lincolnshire County Council Election Results

Election results from the 6th May 2021 can be found below