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Gainsborough General Cemetery

Gainsborough Town Council as the local burial authority manage both the Gainsborough General Cemetery on Cox’s Hill and the North Warren Cemetery on Ropery Road. Cemeteries are open during daylight hours.

Please use the below links for documents relating to our cemetery processes and procedures including booking a burial, purchasing a grave (exclusive right of burial), applying for a memorial permit, maps and more.

Gainsborough Cemeteries Grave Search and Map

You can now locate a grave within the cemetery either by grave number or using the name of the deceased buried using the links below:

Due to improved and updated database records, grave numbers are now written in a new format, you can convert your grave number by following the below instructions:

  1. The ‘number’ part of your grave number needs to be four digits, therefore please add zeros before your number part to make 4 digits.
  2. If there is an ‘X’ at the end of your grave number now needs to be placed at the front of the grave number
  3. Ensure there are no spaces in the whole grave number

example: grave number ABC12X would now be: XABC0012

If you are unable to locate the grave please send an email to:

Gainsborough General Cemetery and North Warren Cemetery:

Search Gainsborough General Cemetery

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