The Gainsborough Morton 10km Road race sets off from Walkerith Road in Morton at 10am and finishes on Field Lane. 

  A FULL road closure will be in place for the route on Sunday 20th November. This is necessary for the safety of all runners and other road users. It is legally binding and it is an offence, except for emergency service vehicles to drive on the route during this time.

The following roads will be affected…

  • Walkerith Road, Morton just beyond Mill Lane – Closed from 0900 hrs reopens 1130 hrs
  • Laughton Road, Morton, Carr Lane, Morton – Closed from 0930 hrs reopens 1130 hrs
  • Back Street – Walkerith Road – Stockwith Road – East Stockwith – Closed from 0930 hrs reopens 1130 hrs
  • Field Lane, Morton closed from 0930 hrs reopens 1200 hrs