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Property and Services Committee

January 13, 2022 @ 19:00 - 21:00

2022-01-13 Papers - Public 1


Agenda & meeting papers can be accessed in the PDF pack above when available.

Minutes of the Property & Services Committee meeting 13 January 2022

held in the Function Room, Marshalls Sports Ground, Middlefield Lane, Gainsborough

Councillors Present

Matt Boles James Plastow (Vice-Chairman)
Dennis Dannatt Keith Panter


Councillors Absent

Richard Craig Paul Key (Chairman)
Chris Lambie Baptiste Velan


In attendance:

Belina Boyer- Town Clerk (TC) Sean Alcock (OM)


Also present: Two members of the public.

Agenda no Agenda item title Resolution Action Power
P&S22/001 To note apologies for absence.


The committee noted apologies for absence from Cllrs Craig, Key, Lambie and Velan Local Government Act 1972, s85 (1)

& Sch 12, p40.

P&S22/002 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011.


There were none. Localism Act 2011, s31.
P&S22/003 To consider any dispensation requests received by the Clerk in relation to personal and/or disclosable pecuniary interests, not previously recorded.


There were none. N/A Localism Act 2011, s33.
P&S22/004 To determine which items on the agenda, if any, require the exclusion of public and press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2) and resolve to exclude public and press for these items. A proposal to move 013 to 015 to the very end of the meeting was not carried.


The committee resolved to exclude public and press for items 013 to 015 due to their confidential nature.


N/A Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2)
P&S22/005 To receive the minutes of the previous Gainsborough Town Council meeting(s) and resolve to sign these as a true record of the meeting(s).

Paper A – Property and Services Tuesday 9 November 2021.

The committee resolved to approve the minutes of the Property & Services Committee Meeting 09 November 2021 and sign these as a true record of that meeting ASO to publish.


Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p41 (1). 
P&S22/006 To consider a request from Gainsborough Cricket Club to signs and banners to various areas at Marshalls Sports Ground.

Paper B

The committee resolved unanimously to approve the request from Gainsborough Cricket Club to signs and banners to various areas at Marshalls Sports Ground. TC to inform applicant. Local Government Act 1984, s8(1)(i)
P&S22/007 To receive and note reports from the allotments secretaries and consider any action to be taken to either be delegated to an officer or brought to the next meeting.

Paper C

The committee resolved to note the reports.

The Operations Manager explained that a schedule of works was in place to review vacant plots and prepare them ready for a new season.

ASO to update lists.


P&S22/008 To receive a report on repeated break ins on the Foxby Road allotments and consider which action – if any – the council can reasonably take.

Paper D

The committee noted  the report.

It was noted that the “hedge” consisted largely of discarded materials which would need to be removed before further action could be taken.

The Clerk was asked to look into alternative ways of managing allotments.

TC- to look into allotment management companies. Local Government Act 1984, s8(1)(i)
P&S22/009 To receive and consider a motion in multiple parts by Cllr Dannatt.

Paper E

A total of four motions were presented . One was not seconded and one was to be taken forward to the Finance and Strategy Committee in February where fees and charges are being set.

The committee resolved that where plots are abandoned/given up/ returned/ taken back mid-term, to not refund the original tenant but also to not ask the new tenant for payment for the year. Where a plot was unoccupied before taking up a lease mid-year, an appropriate rent share will need to be paid. Plots taken on in the winter months will not be charged until the following spring.

The committee resolved to ban the burning of allotment organic waste from 1 March to 31 October of each year. No other materials to be burnt at this or any other time of year.

TC to add to F&S agenda



TC, DC/RFO, ASO to note





TC/ASO to write to allotment holders when sending out tenancy letters.


Small holding and Allotments Act 1908 ss.23,25
P&S22/010 To consider refurbishment of existing and the purchase of additional notice boards for Richmond House and replacement of out-of-date signage.


The committee resolved to remove outdated signage at Richmond House, refurbish existing notice boards and look into having a larger replacement board made for Richmond House. OM to look into having a replacement board made. OM to instruct ground staff to remove outdated signage. . Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p10 (2)(a)
P&S22/011 To consider an appeal for reduced rate burial fees.

Paper G

The committee resolved that in this particular instance resident rates should be charged. TC to write to applicant. DC/RFO to process refund. Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 SI1977/204 art. 3 + art 15(1)
P&S22/012 To consider permitting the installation of a memorial bench in the cemetery and establish the terms and conditions attached to such an installation with a view to formulating a consistent and sustainable policy.

Paper H

The committee asked the clerk to draw up a suitable policy and terms and conditions for placing memorial benches in Gainsborough cemeteries and present to the next committee. TC to write to applicant and prepare policy in time for next committee. Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 SI1977/204 art. 3 + art 15(1)
P&S22/013 To receive and note legal advice obtained with regards to allotment activities and consider any further steps that may be taken. Exclusion of Public and Press recommended due to legal privilege.

Paper I

The committee resolved to take further legal advice looking into the specifics of individual cases. TC to contact council’s solicitor’s for more detailed legal advice. Localism Act 2011, ss.1-8
P&S22/014 To receive and note complaints regarding allotment activities and consider potential solutions. Exclusion of public and press recommended due to items of a personal nature.

Paper J

The committee noted the complaints and resolved to await further detailed legal advice before taking any particular action. TC to write to complainant and contact solicitor’s with further details. Localism Act 2011, ss.1-8
  At 20.55 The committee resolved to extend the meeting in order to complete the business to be transacted.   Standing Orders 3. Z
P&S22/015 To receive and note quotations for the repair of the Showfield Allotments wall and decide what further action to take. Exclusion of public and press recommended due to commercial time sensitive commercial sensitivity.

Paper K

The committee noted the quotation received and the likely cost of the project.

Further quotations would need to be obtained.

OM to obtain further quotation. Local Government Act 1984, s8(1)(i)
P&S22/016 To review the grass verge maintenance contract with Lincolnshire County Council and consider whether to participate in the scheme in 2022-23.

Paper L

The committee recommends to full Council

a)            To approve the continuation grass verge maintenance contract with Lincolnshire County Council 2022-23.

b)            To decide on a suitable contractor to undertake to work.

TC to add to Full Council Agenda. Highways Act 1980, s 96(5)



P&S22/017 To consider whether to terminate the maintenance of two roundabouts.

Paper M

The committee resolved to terminate the maintenance of the Thorndyke Way and Corringham Road roundabouts. TC to write to LCC. Highways Act 1980, s 96(5)
P&S22/018 To receive any items for notification to be included on a future agenda – for information only ·         Allotments water supply

·         Rotary Club event in Richmond Park

·         Aviary at Richmond Park

·         Disposal of Allotment Management


TC to add to agenda N/A
P&S22/019 To note the date and time of the next Property and Services committee is scheduled for 10 February 2022 at 19.00. The date of the next Property and Services Committee Meeting was confirmed for 10 February 2022 at 19.00   Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p10 (2)(a)


The meeting closed at 21.15.

Signed as a true record of the Meeting:_______________________________   Dated______________

Presiding chairman of approving meeting


January 13, 2022
19:00 - 21:00
Event Category:


Marshalls Sports Ground and Community Hall


Town Clerk