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Full Council Meeting

March 2, 2022 @ 19:00 - 21:00

2022-03-02 FC Public papers

Agenda & meeting papers can be accessed in the PDF pack above once available.

Minutes of the Full Council meeting 02 March 2022 held in the Function Room, Marshalls Sports Ground, Middlefield Lane, Gainsborough

Councillors Present

Matt Boles Tim Davies James Plastow
David Dobbie Denise Schofield
Dennis Dannatt Paul Key Aaron Taylor
Caz Davies Chris Lambie Pat O’Connor Keith Panter


Councillors Absent

Sally Loates
Richard Craig (Chairman) Liam Muggeridge Baptiste Velan
Kenneth Woolley


In attendance:

Belina Boyer- Town Clerk (TC)

Also present: One member of the public.


Agenda no Agenda item title Resolution Action Power
Open Forum (Members of the public are welcome to present any matter relevant to the wellbeing of Gainsborough Town and each president will receive the attention of the council for a period not exceeding 3 minutes, with a maximum of 15 minutes in total. Please see the Council’s Public Participation at Meetings Policy and Standing Orders 3 f-l for details.


A member of the public who had been looking after the birds in the aviary spoke about loss of birds over the past few years and the need to take urgent action to prevent any further problems. Birds had been spooked by people banging on the aviary causing them to panic and fly into the walls in the dark.   Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, s 1(1). As amended by The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, s3
FC22/041 To note apologies for absence. The council noted apologies received from Cllrs Schofield, Musonda, Muggeridge, Velan.

Cllr Dobbie has informed the Clerk that he has been appointed to the WLDC Planning Committee which takes place at the same time as the Full Council meetings and that he “will always attend the higher-level meeting”.

  Local Government Act 1972, s85 (1)

& Sch 12, p40.

FC22/042 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011. There were none   Localism Act 2011, s31.
FC22/043 To consider any dispensation requests received by the Clerk in relation to personal and/or disclosable pecuniary interests, not previously recorded. There were none.   Localism Act 2011, s33.
FC22/044 To receive and note the Town Clerk’s report (for information only)


The council noted the Town Clerk’s report.   N/A
FC22/045 To determine which items on the agenda, if any, require the exclusion of public and press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2) and resolve to exclude public and press for these items.


The Council RESOLVED to exclude public and press on items 048 and 049. Item 048 being a personnel issue and item 049 due to commercial sensitivity.   Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2)
FC22/046 Minutes of the previous meeting(s)

To receive the minutes of the previous Gainsborough Town Council meeting(s) and resolve to sign these as a true record of the meeting(s).

Paper A – Full Council 02 February 2022


The Council RESOLVED to sign the minutes of the meeting 0 February 2022 as a true record of the meeting. ASO to publish online. Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p41 (1). 
FC22/047 To note the draft minutes of the committee meetings and the decisions contained therein.

Paper B – Personnel Committee, 9 February 2022

Paper C – Property and Services Committee 10 February 2022

Paper D – Finance and Strategy Committee, 16 February 2022

Paper E – Planning Committee, 23 February 2022

The Council noted the draft minutes of

a)    Personnel Committee, 9 February 2022

b)    Property and Services Committee 10 February 2022

c)    Finance and Strategy Committee, 16 February 2022

d)    Planning Committee, 23 February 2022


  Local Government Act 1972, s 112 














FC22/048 To receive the recommendation of the Personnel Committee and resolve to transfer the Town Clerk to the permanent establishment.

Paper F

The Council RESOLVED to transfer the Town Clerk to the permanent establishment having completed her probationary period. TC to draft letter to go on personnel file. Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p14 (1)+(3). 
FC22/049 To decide on a suitable contractor to carry out the grass cutting as specified in the Lincolnshire County Council Parish Agreement Scheme for 2022-23

Paper G – Quotations to be tabled

Exclusion of Public and Press recommended due to time sensitive commercial sensitivity.

The Council RESOLVED to delegate a decision to the Finance and Strategy Committee, by which time any missing paperwork would have been received. TC to take to Finance and Strategy Agenda Local Government Act 1984, s8(1)(i)

Financial Regulations 11.1, h

FC22/050 To receive a presentation from Co-Op volunteers delivered in person to Property and Services Committee on a proposed project in Gainsborough Cemetery and decide whether or not the proposed work may go ahead. (Deferred from P&S)

Paper H

The Council RESOLVED to approve for

the work of the volunteers to go ahead.

Any support by council staff would be

discussed and agreed by the Operations


TC to inform Co-Op

representatives. OM to liaise

about any work to be

undertaken by council staff.

Localism Act 2011, s.1-8
FC22/051 To receive a brief report on the aviary in Richmond Park and decide on action to be taken

Paper I

The Council RESOLVED to temporarily re- house the birds whilst a permanent solution is sought as advised by the volunteer. The Clerk was asked to compile a feasibility study to move the aviary to a quieter location and explore other


TC to arrange re-homing of birds with help of the volunteer and conduct feasibility study. N/A
FC22/052 To consider and decide

a)    Whether to follow the invitation to join The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail at potentially no cost to the Council.

b)    Whether to refurbish and use the Jubilee Beacon near the Leisure Centre

Paper J – further information to be tabled.

a)    The Council RESOLVED to follow the invitation to join the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail.

b)    The Council deferred a decision to a later meeting awaiting clarification if the beacon is town or district council property.

TC to inform WLDC about participation on the trail and seek clarification regarding ownership Localism Act 2011, s.1-8
FC22/053 To note the Richmond House a progress report on Richmond House Fire Safety.

Paper K – further information to be tabled

The Council noted  the report.   N/A
FC22/054 To agree a date for Richmond House Day of Action

To be tabled

The Council asked for the Town Clerk to contact all members to establish a suitable date. TC to contact councillors to establish a suitable date. N/A
FC22/055 To consider a request from WLDC to supply a letter of comfort regarding easement at Roses sports ground.

Paper M


The Council RESOLVED to note the request and instructed the Town Clerk to send a letter of consent. TC to sent letter of consent. Localism Act 2011, s.1-8
FC22/056 To note the correspondence previously circulated by email – for information only.

Paper O


 The Council  noted  the correspondence previously circulated.   N/A
FC22/057 To note the date and time of the next Full Council Meeting scheduled for 04 April 2022 at 19.00. The Council noted the date and time of the next Full Council Meeting scheduled for 04 April 2022 at 19.00   Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p10 (2)(a)

Signed as a true record of the Meeting:_______________________________   Dated______________

Presiding chairman of approving meeting


March 2, 2022
19:00 - 21:00
Event Category:


Marshalls Sports Ground and Community Hall


Town Clerk