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Extraordinary Full Council 12.01.2022

January 12, 2022 @ 18:30 - 19:00

Agenda and papers

Agenda & meeting papers can be accessed in the PDF pack above once available


Minutes of the Extraordinary Full Council meeting 12 January 2022

held in the Function Room, Marshalls Sports Ground, Middlefield Lane, Gainsborough

Councillors Present

Tim Davies James Plastow
David Dobbie Denise Schofield
Dennis Dannatt Baptiste Velan
Caz Davies Keith Panter


Councillors Absent

Matt Boles Paul Key Sally Loates Pat O’Connor
Richard Craig (Chairman) Chris Lambie Liam Muggeridge Kenneth Woolley


In attendance:

Belina Boyer- Town Clerk (TC) Rachel Allbones (DTC/RFO) Sean Allcock (OM)


Also present: Two members of the public.

Agenda no Agenda item title Resolution Action Power
Open Forum Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, s 1(1). As amended by The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014, s3
In the absence of both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, the Council resolved to elect Cllr T Davies to chair this meeting.
FC22/017 To note apologies for absence. Cllrs C Davies, O’Connor, Key, Loates, Woolley, Boles, Velan and Panter had given their apologies. N/A Local Government Act 1972, s85 (1)  & Sch 12, p40. 
FC22/018 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 . Cllrs Schofield, C Davies, T Davies declared a personal interest as one of the applicants was known to them. N/A Localism Act 2011, s31. 
FC22/019 To consider any dispensation requests received by the Clerk in relation to personal and/or disclosable pecuniary interests, not previously recorded. None received. N/A Localism Act 2011, s33. 
FC22/020 To receive and note the Town Clerk’s report (for information only)


Admin error. There was none. N/A N/A
FC22/021 To determine which items on the agenda, if any, require the exclusion of public and press under the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2) and resolve to exclude public and  press for these items. There were none. Clerk to send email detailing the recorded vote taken at the 07 July 2021 meeting.



Public Bodies

(Admissions to

Meetings) Act 1960

1 (2)

FC22/022 To consider any application(s) received by 31 December 2021 for co-option to the vacancy in Gainsborough Trent ward.  Paper A A motion to co-opt candidate Wood was not seconded.

A motion to co-opt candidate Musonda was proposed and seconded.

A recorded vote was called.

Votes in favour: Cllrs C. Davies, T. Davies, Panter, Schofield

Votes against: None

Abstentions: Cllrs Dannatt, Dobbie, Plastow, Velan

A second motion to co-opt candidate Wood was then seconded.

Votes in favour: Cllrs Dannatt and Plastow.

Votes against: Cllrs C Davies, Panter, Schofield.

Abstentions: Cllrs T Davies and Dobbie.

With the majority of votes of members present and voting Mrs Julie Musonda was co-opted onto the Council.

Clerk to ensure the Declaration of Acceptance of office is signed, inform Electoral Services, provide Register of Interest forms, Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. The Local Elections

(Parishes and Communities)

(England and

Wales) Rules 2006



Signed as a true record of the Meeting:_______________________________   Dated______________

Presiding chairman of approving meeting


January 12, 2022
18:30 - 19:00


Marshalls Sports Ground and Community Hall


Town Clerk