November 2022

Welcome to LPCF’s Latest news!

Hope you had a good half term.
We have had a lots of requests from professionals/schools for a parents version of this email for parents who are not yet on the membership but who may be interested in joining LPCF.
I have therefore attached a newsletter for any parents you come into contact with and would be grateful if you could please circulate it to them.

Not to be missed

No Secrets – the road to Co-production.
LPCF have been asked numerous times about what is the secret to how our forum operates and why Co-production in Lincolnshire works and is well regarded.

That is why LPCF have taken the time to write “No secrets”.

This document is aimed at anyone who would like to know a little bit more about LPCF and our long journey to get where we are today.

For those people, volunteers, members and professionals who have been on this journey with us since the beginning. Thank you.
Happy Reading!

LPCF would be grateful if you could please publicise our events to the parents you work with. Thank you.
Please also feel free to attend the Homework battles workshop and the promoting positive behaviour workshop as it is for parents and professionals on the LPCF membership.

Promoting positive behaviour

Free workshop for parents & professionals who are on the LPCF membership

Date: Tuesday 8th November 7pm – 9pm

Free Interactive workshops on Zoom with a behavioural Specialist.

These workshops are free to those on the LPCF membership.(please sign up using the sign up page on the LPCF website).

Please see the events page for more details or email to book your place.

Workshop on Homework Battles

Tuesday 15th November at 11.30am to 1pm

Free interactive workshop on Zoom for parents of children with disabilities and Special Educational needs.

Melanie Hartgill who is a Chartered Educational Psychologist will be exploring the following:-

What do children really need?


Gritty children

Discipline and boundaries

Creativity and play

School and homework

These workshops are free to those on the LPCF membership.(if you know of a parent of a child with SEND they can join the membership via the website sign up page ).

Event Type ImageThese workshops are free to those on the LPCF membership.

Email to book your place.

Starting in November – monthly Free workshops

Juggling the Joys of parenting

Date:       Thursday 17th November    11.30am – 1pm

                 Workshop 1: Why Me?

Are you a parent, grandparent, carer, relative or friend of a child/adult

with special needs or a disability? Yes?

…then these FREE workshops are a must for you!

Caring for someone can be a bit daunting at times. Often wonder if things could be

better? Of course, there is always room for improvement in everything we do and here are a series of workshops that can really help make a difference to our daily lives and to our families. This series is aimed at parent carers who wish to have fun, meet other parent carers that want to make life easier and learn new strategies that can make a very real difference.

LPCF proudly presents Hil Gibb to run these monthly workshops on Zoom for parents on the LPCF membership.
See the events page on the LPCF website for more details or email to book your place.

Hypnotherapy with Nicole

Please encourage parents to join LPCF for a free 90-minute Zoom session to help improve  mental health & wellbeing.

Nicole from Hummingbird Hypnotherapy will be providing proven techniques to help us make positive changes to our lives.

Relax with like-minded people in a positive atmosphere.

Date:       Thursday 3rd November        7.30pm – 9pm
Topic – Managing Triggers

Date:       Thursday 17th November       7.30pm – 9pm
Topic – Phobias

These sessions are for LPCF members only. Please encourage parents to join up on the sign up page of the website.

LPCF’s 2023 “Week of SEND”
Monday 23rd January to Saturday 28th January 2023

LPCF are now putting together the programme for the week of SEND and would like to hear from anyone who has not heard from us about the chance to participate and would like to showcase their organisation/services during the week.
We still have a few slots left but please be quick as they are filling fast.

For others who are interested in attending – the sessions will be open to professionals as well as parents and it will be easy to access on Zoom on the LPCF website– just click on the blue link and you are in the waiting room.

If you would like to participate and find out more

LPCF Parents Voice – July to September 2022

Now in the library – check out what parents have told us over the last 3 months and how things have been for them.

Check it out for feedback on:-

·  The pandemic

  Positive behaviour workshop

  Holiday Activities & Food programme

  Ask Sall

  Struggling with homework

  Initial Diagnosis

  Sensory OT

  Max Card feedback

  Energy Costs

  Play Therapy

  Taking care of the carer

  Entertainment for youngsters on a budget

  Recent experiences with Health/NHS

  Scoliosis recovery

  Fire safety Risk Assessment

  LPCF Week of SEND

  Sensory issues and haircuts

  Thank you to the Well Head Centre

  “Your Say” Feedback

Plus much more.
If you, as a professional would like to feedback to  the LPCF membership on the issues they raise please use the “your say” page on the website or

Please encourage parents you work with to join LPCF, as the earlier we can support them on their journey the better outcomes for the whole family in terms of engagement, signposting, information & support. It also gives LPCF a bigger voice in Lincolnshire to help improve the provision of services for families.
Please also encourage other professionals you work with to join our professional membership so they are kept informed too!
Our leaflet for parents has been updated so if you need any to give to parents please let us know. Thank you for your support