Please note that the Town Council has a lost and found property box in our offices. If you or someone you know has lost something while out and about at Richmond Park, then please get in touch as we can only keep these items for a limited time.

As of July 17th 2023 we will be clearing out our lost and found, so if you have recently lost any items of value while visiting the park, please contact us between 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.

This is something we will continue to do at regular intervals, as we intend to employ a new system of holding onto items for up to a month (please note it includes objects such as items of clothing or small toys) rather than anything diminishable.

Please note, we won’t be able to hand items over without a clear description of the item in question to ensure it returns to its rightful owner.

If you have lost anything in the park, please call us on 01427 811573 or email before coming to collect any items, so we can check if we have anything matching the object’s description.