Due to the need to fell decaying and diseased trees, Gainsborough’s General Cemetery will be accessible to pedestrians only from Tuesday 30th May 8am to 4pm to Friday 2nd June 8am to 4pm inclusive. The cemetery will be open as usual to cars outside of these hours.

Due to the works it will not be possible for cars to drive into the General Cemetery so please take note of this advanced warning. The car park at the entrance will still be available but all visitors will have to proceed on foot from there.

The felling of three trees (two Poplars and one Beech) is essential for the preservation of surrounding trees by preventing the spread of disease and helping to maintain as safe, healthy, and natural an environment as possible.

The work will be undertaken as quickly as safety allows. Gainsborough Town Council apologises for any inconvenience caused over the four days of essential tree safety works.

If you have any or questions regarding the temporary closure to cars, please call us on 01427 811573 or email townclerk@gainsborough-tc.gov.uk.