Survey Of Allotment Holders

This is the first annual survey of Gainsborough’s plot holders.

The Town Council would like to find out a little more about you. We also want to know how you feel about the service provided. 

The information that you provide will help us to identify issues, allocate resources and plan our services better. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

Survey of Allotment Holders 2021

This form is to carry out a survey of our Allotment Holders in 2021. This is to gain feedback on how people are using the space and gives us an overall picture for improvements.

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  • Your Views

  • Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
  • Very GoodGoodAveragePoorVery Poor
  • Site Management

    From 1 April 2021 all the allotment sites in Gainsborough will be directly managed by the Town Council. Another option would be for sites to be self-managed by plot holders through an allotment association or similar body.

    You should only fill in this section if you are 18 or older. The Town Council holds and processes your data in relation to your tenancy agreement and the legal requirement to serve notices. There is no obligation to provide your contact details as part of this survey. However, it would be useful so if required we can get in touch about any issues you raise as part of this survey. Please confirm below your consent to being contacted about your answers in this survey. You can withdraw or change your consent at any time by contacting the council office.

You can find out more about how we use your data from our “Privacy Notice” which is available from our website: Alternatively, you can contact the Town Council office for more information.