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Use of Work Vehicles by Councillors and Staff for Personal Domestic Use

Reviewed & Adopted 15/08/2019 Gainsborough Town Council

Gainsborough Town Council operates several work vehicles which are used to aid and assist staff in completing
Grounds Maintenance duties.
At weekends the vehicles are typically not in use. The Council is willing to permit the vehicles to be used by
Councillors and Staff Members for personal domestic use in return for appropriate payment and adherence to the
rules herein. This helps to create a small additional income stream for the Council to support its finances.
This policy sets out rules and charging arrangements as regards use of those vehicles by Staff and Councillors for
occasional domestic use.
‘Work Vehicle’ shall mean the Council’s Ford Transit or Ford Transit Tipper or replacement thereof.
Non Work Use at Discretion of Clerk
Staff and Councillors may at the discretion of the Clerk be permitted use of a work vehicle outside of ordinary
working hours for ad hoc domestic purposes i.e. for transporting heavy domestic items, moving home and clearing
home garden waste etc. A charge will be levied against the Staff Member or Councillor for such use as set out in
the table below. Payment must be made in advance.
Under no circumstances must a work vehicle be used by a Councillor or Staff member for the purpose of financial
gain either for the Staff Member or Councillor or any other individual.
Staff and Councillors must provide advance notice of required use of the work vehicle by completing the relevant
booking form which must include the following information :
➢ Councillor Name
➢ Intended Date of Use
➢ Intended Time(s) of Use
➢ Purpose of Use
➢ Route Details
➢ Estimated Mileage
Booking forms must be signed off by the Clerk, Deputy Clerk or Operations Manager before use.
The vehicle mileage log check sheet must be completed during use in the usual way.
Driving Licence and Convictions
All Councillors wishing to use a work vehicle must produce both parts of their valid Driving Licence to the Clerk of
the Council for inspection. A copy of both parts of the Licence will be retained on file.
Councillors who may wish to use the work vehicle and who receive any driving convictions of any nature must
report the same to the Council for insurance disclosure purposes. For the avoidance of doubt the duty of
disclosure extends to points incurred on the Councillors licence.
Mileage Log’s
Councillor must accurately complete the vehicle mileage logs when using a work vehicle. The information to be
inserted is as follows:
➢ Date
➢ Start Mileage
➢ End Mileage
➢ Driver Name
➢ Site/s Visited
➢ Times
➢ Vehicle Emptied Y/N
➢ Observations/Faults
Precise information must be completed for every journey.

All incidents involving use of Work Vehicles must be reported to the Operations Manager or Clerk immediately
and an appropriate incident report provided at the direction of the Operations Manager or Clerk.
Breach of Policy
Any Councillor failing to adhere to the rules herein shall be denied future use of work vehicles and depending on
the nature of the breach may also be reported for breach of Councillors Code of Conduct to the monitoring officer
who will determine the outcome of any such breach.
Any staff member failing to adhere to this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
Table of Charges for Councillor and Staff Use of Work Vehicles
A minimum charge of £10.00 will apply in all cases.
Vehicle Travel within 5 mile
radius of Gainsborough
Travel Outside of
Gainsborough between 5-
20 mile radius of
Travel Outside of
Gainsborough exceeding
20 mile radius of
Ford Transit Tipper £12.00 per hour £14.00 per hour £16.00 per hour
Ford Transit £11.00 per hour £13.00 per hour £15.00 per hour

  • All above charges include fuel.
    Policy Review
    This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.