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Name Badge & ID Card Policy

Reviewed & Adopted 04/12/2017 Gainsborough Town Council

Gainsborough Town Council provides photographic ID badges for all staff and members as well as name badges
for members only
ID badges and name badges are provided to assist staff and members in being able to identify themselves to third
parties when conducting formal Council business.
The ID badges and name badges shall remain the property of Gainsborough Town Council at all times.
ID badges and name badges must be returned to the Council when the staff member or Council member ceases
to be an employee or member of the Council.
Loss of ID/Name Badges
Staff or members who lose their ID badge may be required to pay for the cost of a replacement.
Any lost ID or name badges must be immediately reported to the Clerk to the Council.
Members and Staff Conduct
Members and staff have no lawful authority to use their ID badge in an attempt to pass themselves off as an
employee or member of the Council after they legally cease to be a member or employee of the Council. To do so
may be regarded as a criminal offence and could be held to be fraudulent. If the Council becomes aware of any
such conduct the Clerk will immediately report the matter to the Police.
Employees of the Council are required to wear their ID badges at all times whilst conducting Council business.
Persistent failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken.