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Interim Project Plan


Foreword. 3

Development of Council Assets. 3

What we do now: 3

Existing ‘Live’ Projects. 4

Levellings. 4

Richmond House Windows. 5

Richmond House Conservatory. 5

Cemetery Railings. 6

Cemetery Resurfacing. 6

Further projects – identified in previous project plan. 6

Long Term Project Plans (5 years plus) 6

Richmond House and Outbuildings. 7

Development of Council Governance. 8

What we do now.. 8

Governance Plans. 9

Development of Council Run Events. 9

What we do now.. 9

What we plan. 9

Consultation. 10



All good organisations are prudent in planning ahead, preparing for the future and ensuring they know the direction in which they are heading.

Gainsborough Town Council is mindful of the importance of good forward planning and this document sets out the Councils medium term operational and organisational plans and visions. 

The document is produced in line with the Councils Risk Management Policy and will be subject to regular review and scrutiny.

This is a working document which will be added to, particularly following elections in May 2023.

Development of Council Assets

What we do now: 

Gainsborough Town Council is responsible for a number of public sites and assets across Gainsborough. 

They are: 

Parks & PlaygroundsSports FieldsCemeteriesAllotmentsStreet Furniture 
Richmond Park Aisby Walk Playing Fields – Levellings (Hickman Bacon Memorial Park) Mayflower Close Sandsfield Lane NorthDanes Road St Georges  Marshalls Sports Ground Levellings Football Pitches and changing rooms. General Cemetery North Warren Cemetery   The council also owns the War Memorial adjacent to the Old Hall.Love Lane Spital Hill Foxby Hill Old Showfields North WarrenSome but not all bus shelters in town.    Some but not all seating benches in town.     

Existing ‘Live’ Projects 

These are items that already have budget allocation. The projects will be in various stages of planning and delivery. Unfortunately, due to limited staff resources over recent months we have not always able to progress projects as quickly as we would have liked. 


It is recognised that a widescale upgrade of this facility is needed. The project will require significant grant funding. The Council has commissioned a large-scale professional consultation and a funding application has been submitted. Substantial Funding has been awarded by FCC Community Action Fund to develop and improve the site. The first phase is envisaged to be completed by summer 2023.

Richmond House Windows

A 2022 building condition report identified several windows as in need of priority repair and maintenance. All windows are single glazed. Advice on how to progress has been sought from the Conservation Officer as Richmond House is a listed building. Quotations are currently being sought to undertake this priority work.

Richmond House Conservatory

Removal of the existing structure and replacing it with a terrace. Listed Building consent and planning documentation has been submitted by the Council’s architects. 

Cemetery Railings

The railings around the General Cemetery need repainting. The railings adjacent to the main road are the priority area. Funding resources will need identifying.

Cemetery Resurfacing 

The General Cemetery is well served by a network of access roads and footpaths. An ongoing programme of repairs and resurfacing is underway across the site. 

Further projects – identified in previous project plan

There are currently no

Marshalls Sports Pavilion – Internal decoration of all areas.  

General Cemetery – Phase 3 of upgrade to water supply system (existing system is old and dilapidated)

Long Term Project Plans (5 years plus)

1. General Cemetery

GTC anticipates that the General Cemetery will run out of full burial space in 4-6 years’ time. The capacity for the interment of cremated remains is significantly higher. It is therefore currently working with WLDC in planning to extend the cemetery into the vacant field adjoining the Cemetery which is earmarked for this purpose. 

There will be significant costs involved in preparing the site for burial. Early very broad estimates are that there will could easily be a cost of £100,000 to £200,000 to prepare the land as a Cemetery. GTC has some earmarked reserves in place, but they would not cover the project cost.

More accurate costings and plans for the delivering this project will develop over the coming years.

Richmond House and Outbuildings

Whilst the play area at Richmond Park has seen significant investment, the House, outbuildings and grounds are in a poor state of repair.  A condition report commissioned in early 2022 has highlighted several areas of concern.

The Council plans to seek external funding to develop the house and outbuildings in due course. This project will be dependent on public consultation and significant external grant funding. The listed status of the building is such that great care and attention will need to be taken over any development. 

The house and gardens are held in trust by West Lindsey District Council. The conditions of the trust limit the potential uses of the property.

The Council is open to ideas from the public as to how the house and outbuildings could be utilised.

Development of Council Governance

What we do now

Gainsborough Town Council has 18 seats. At time of writing all 18 seats are filled. More than two thirds of the council’s seats have been filled by election rather than co-option. The Council employs a qualified clerk and has declared the General Power of Competence under the Localism Act 2011.

The Council has delegated some of its functions to executive committees which are:

  • Finance and Strategy Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Property and Services Committee

The Council has recently commissioned an organisational review which is yet to be concluded. Early indications are that the Council’s structure will need to be changed to allow for a more efficient operation and better governance.

The Council has formulated a Vision and Mission Statement.

Governance Plans

  • Local Council Award Scheme Quality Status
  • Strategic Plan

Development of Council Run Events

What we do now

The Council has worked in partnership with the parish church, the Royal British Legion and other partners to facilitate a Remembrance Sunday event.

The Council has worked in partnership with Marshall’s Yard and West Lindsey District Council as well as private sector sponsors to deliver a successful family orientated three-day Christmas lights festival in 2022-23.

What we plan

To build on existing community engagement and partnership working to further improve the delivery of existing events.

For 2023-24 the Council will work in partnership with an Armed Forces Day 2023 community group to deliver a one day event.

The Council will facilitate an event celebrating the coronation of King Charles III.

The Council will have a “Citizen of the Year” competition.


In recognition that the Council uses public funds to carry out its functions, the Council will periodically seek public views and opinions on the projects that will form part of this plan. 

Consultation will be undertaken through a variety of methods including:

  1. Annual Town Meeting
  2. Social Media Engagement 
  3. Local awareness of public issues and concerns.  
  4. Input from Council Staff and Members.
  5. Discussions with West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

Further consultation and engagement may be achieved through regular surgeries, a Youth Council, engagement with the Voluntary and Charity sector, engagement with local business.