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Community Grants Policy

Reviewed & Adopted 04/12/2017 Gainsborough Town Council

Community Grants Policy


To ensure that fair and proper consideration can be given to all requests, the Council requires a fully completed
application form to be submitted to the Town Clerk:~

If the organisation is a new entity with no accounts available, please provide a Business Plan, stating aims and
objectives, along with a financial projection for at least the current financial year, where this is not possible applicants
should seek advice from the Clerk. Award of the grant shall be by discretion of the Council.


The priorities in awarding grants are set out below:

To benefit communities in the Parish of Gainsborough by supporting organisations and projects which help to
improve safety, recreation, education, community pride, sports, art and culture.


Grants are available up to £1000 and the amount awarded will be determined by the Town Council. At our discretion
we will award a sum greater than £1000 if financial resources allow and we view the grant applications as having


The following organisations may apply to the Town Council for a Community Grant:
a. A Gainsborough Town based charitable and/or non-profit making organisations; the Council regrets
therefore that applications from Commercial organisations will not be considered. National appeals are, with
limited exceptions, regrettably outside the legal scope of the Council’s grant-aid scheme

b. Citizen(s) of Gainsborough requesting grant aid with a project/event, which will be for the benefit of the local

c. A Gainsborough based club/association/charity/sports club serving a specific section of the community or
the community as a whole. The more socially inclusive groups will be more likely to be successful in their

It is the Town Council’s policy to give preference to groups/organisations/projects which are Gainsborough based
but applications may also be considered from:

a. An organisation/group, local, regional or national which serves the needs of the town

b. A local branch of a regional or national organisation/group which serves the needs of the citizens of

To be eligible for a Community Grant an organisation must:

• Be established for charitable, benevolent, social, cultural, recreational or philanthropic purposes with a
clearly stated social ambition for the community of Gainsborough.
• We will consider applications from social enterprises who can demonstrate that their initiative will have a
positive and sustainable impact upon Gainsborough.
• Be able to provide a copy of its latest annual accounts and most recent bank statement
• Have a bank account operated by a minimum of at least two joint signatories.
• Where appropriate, be able to demonstrate that Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding measures are in
place. This will be usually in the form of an appropriate policy that requires those working directly with
children and vulnerable adults to be DBS checked and approved.

Applications do not have to be from groups that already exist but, in such circumstances, the Council will need to
be satisfied as the manner in which any project for which a Community Grant is sought will be delivered and may
impose additional conditions on any grant awarded or delay the award until the project has been completed.

The application must be made on the official application form and must be returned to the Town Council by the

The deadline for receipt of applications is:
• 28th February (for determination in March)
• 31st May (for determination in June)
• 31st August (for determination in September)
• 30th November (for determination in December)

The Community Services Committee will decide who the successful applicants are and thereafter the Community
Grant will be awarded. Only one Community Grant will be issued per annum per applicant.


We will normally reject applications from:

• Projects which are the prime statutory responsibility of other government bodies or would normally be
funded by a local or regional authority
• Projects which improve or benefit privately owned land or property
• Support for private business projects
• Applications by “for – profit” commercial organisations
• Projects which have already been completed or will have been by the time the grant is issued
• Applications for grants in respect of ongoing expenditure or revenue running cost
• From regional and national organisations unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the grant would be
used specifically for the residents served by Gainsborough Town Council.
• From organisations with political affiliations or those established for the purpose of forwarding a party
political agenda.


The project should be something that makes the local community a better place in which to live, work or visit it
should be something that will provide a long lasting and sustainable benefit to our local area.
Projects may be funded if one or more of the following criteria are met:

• It should benefit people who live in Gainsborough
• It must be sustainable in the longer term
• It should engender a sense of civic pride

• Help will be given to new or informal groups of people who have formed to undertake new projects and
priority will be given to those who are doing something which adds value, rather than applications for
running costs
• Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received grants from Gainsborough Town
Council before.


• Projects where there is a large shortfall in the funding needed required to complete the project .
• Projects that simply replace existing facilities with no significant improvement
• However, all grant applications will be considered on their own merits.


• Gainsborough Town Council support must be acknowledged as appropriate on all publicity and
promotional material including posters, advertisements, press releases and leaflets
• Financial support can only be used for the purpose for which the Community Grant is given, and as such
we consider our grant to be registered as “Restricted Funding” Failure to adhere to this condition could
lead to the cancellation or reduction in the value of the grant
• Grants must be used within 12 months of the date of the Grant payment.
• Grants will only be awarded for forthcoming projects – not retrospectively.
• The Council reserves the right to request a copy of invoices and/or other documentation as evidence that
the expenditure has been incurred.
• Organisations receiving grant-aid in excess of £500, as a condition, are required to provide the Council with
a written report within 12 months of the award date to demonstrate how the funds were expended.
• If an organisation dissolves and the grant has not been spent the Council would expect the organisation to
reimburse the grant-aid awarded.
• Organisations are not restricted to the number of grant applications submitted to the Council for grant-aid
over a period of time, however the history of previous applications will be considered in the decision making
• The giving of a grant one year does not set a precedent for another year.
• Grants must not be distributed to any other organisation.

Application forms are available from:

Gainsborough Town Council, Richmond House, Richmond Park, Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,
DN21 2RJ
Tel. No. 01427 811573


➢ Complete the application form
➢ Submit completed application form along with all relevant additional information requested to the Town
Clerk before the published deadlines


We may not be able to fund all projects as there may be more applications than money available. All applications
will be considered but you may not receive the full amount of grant you apply for.

The application will be assessed initially by the Town Council’s Community Services Committee based on the
following criteria:-

• General eligibility
• Impact on key local need
• Community support
• Value for money
• Environmental impact
• Community involvement
• Feasibility
• Likely effectiveness

The decision of the Town Council is final and the Council will not enter into correspondence concerning the
assessment of the grant.


• If your application is successful you will be sent a letter informing you. Included with this will be an
acceptance form and the terms and conditions of funding. You need to read these, sign the acceptance
form and return it to us.
• If you are unsuccessful we will write to tell you so.
• In certain circumstances, we may ask you to meet other conditions before we issue your grant.
• When your project is finished we may ask you to provide copies of invoices related to the project.
Gainsborough Town Council reserves the right to vary the application of this policy in circumstances
where significant benefit to the town is demonstrated.