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Allotment Waste Management Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. This policy is for any Tenant who hold an Allotment Tenancy Agreement at any of the allotment sites in Gainsborough.
Foxby Hill, Love Lane, North Warren, Showfield and Spital Hill
1.2. It will also be used by Councillors and staff when considering applications.
1.3. It is not permitted for any Tenant to bring household waste, commercial waste, or unwanted items to the allotment garden as none of the allotment sites are licensed to receive waste. To bring waste onto the allotment may constitute a breach of Environmental Protection Legislation and may result in immediate termination of your Allotment Tenancy Agreement.

2. Composting

2.1. Tenants are encouraged to compost as much green waste as possible.

2.2. Green items that cannot be composted such, as diseased shrubs and / or invasive weeds, ideally should be bagged up and taken to Gainsborough Household Waste and Recycling Centre, Longwood Road, Gainsborough. Link below for opening times.

2.3. To ensure any unwanted green waste does not affect neighbouring plots, allotment Tenants are encouraged to build a composter at the end of their allotment garden or to use a composting bin.

2.4. The burning of any waste of any kind on an allotment garden should be considered a last resort. Refer to point 5.

3. Reuse, Recycle / Donate

3.1. Any materials or items the Tenant no longer requires, e.g., wood, wooden pallets or pots, can be donated to another Tenant for reuse. The Tenant may also, upon agreement, donate items to the Council for donation to another Tenant.

4. Skip & Gainsborough Household Waste and Recycling Centre

4.1. Each allotment site has a budget for skips per financial year. The Council reserve the right to withdraw this provision at any time.
4.2. It is not permitted for items to be brought from home to be put in the skip, only items from the allotment garden should be placed in the skip. Refer to point 1.3.
4.3. Any items that cannot be reused, recycled, or donated when a skip is not available, the Tenant should take their items to Gainsborough Household Waste and Recycling Centre. The Tenant must not stack or store items up on allotment garden.
4.4. Any accumulation found on the allotment garden considered to be superfluous (excessive) to the tenant immediate needs or prejudicial to health or a nuisance must be removed. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in termination of your Allotment Tenancy Agreement.

5. Bonfires

5.1. Bonfires should be the last resort for disposing of any unwanted materials on the allotment garden. This is to reduce the likelihood of nuisance to other Tenants and nearby residents.
5.2. Fires are allowed for the burning of material between 1st November and 28th February.However, refer to point 4.4.
5.3. The Tenant must make sure that materials on the fire are dry so that it will give off a minimal amount of smoke and so not to cause a nuisance.
5.4. The Tenant is only to have a fire if there is little or no wind so that smoke will not blow onto the road other plots or nearby residents.
5.5. The Tenant must not have a fire if there is mist or fog.
5.6. The Tenant must use a container to have a fire such as a barrel or incinerator.
5.7. The Tenant must never have a fire close to any trees, shrubs, hedges, fences, sheds, greenhouses etc.
5.8. The Tenant must have sufficient full watering cans or sufficient buckets, ready to put the fire out, should it get out of control or produce smoke that causes a
5.9. The Tenant must not burn any materials that will give rise to dark smoke and acrid smells such as plastics and rubber. You must not burn any business waste on your allotment, or use accelerants, such as petrol, to get the fire started or burn near hedges, buildings, or anything else that might catch fire.
5.10. All fires must be attended to at all times and not cause a nuisance to neighbouring residents or other allotment Tenants. All fires must be fully extinguished before leaving the allotment site.
5.11. The Council will work with West Lindsey District Council Environmental Health, should there be any concerns regarding poor waste management or nuisance from any accumulation or smoke.
5.12. Failure to comply with this policy may result in termination of your Allotment Tenancy Agreement.