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Acting Up – Additional Duties Policy

Adopted by Council – 5 September 2023


The purpose of this policy is to set out the procedure when the Grounds Maintenance Team Leader is absent from work for annual leave, sickness, jury service etc. of who the day-to-day allocation of work and supervision is given to.

Members of the Grounds Maintenance Team are given the opportunity to ‘act up’ and undertake the basic functions of supervision and allocating pre-determined tasks when the Team Leader is absent from work under the instructions of the Operations Manager

Acting up for the Grounds Maintenance Team Leader

Who is eligible

Employees that are not on probation, are not subject to any disciplinary proceedings or investigations and hold a full driving licence may apply to be on the ‘acting up’ rota.

Employees who apply to be on the ‘acting up’ rota will have a simple interview to establish they understand the role and responsibilities and are suitable for the role.

Employees who pass the interview will be placed upon the ‘acting up’ rota and will take their ‘turn’ when the Team Leader is absent from work as follows:

  • At the commencement of the ‘acting up’ rota the employees taking part shall be given their position on the rota list alphabetically. Employees will then take their turn as the rota comes to their name. Any employee joining the rota list after it commences will go to the bottom of the rota list regardless of their alphabetical ranking.
  • For unplanned periods of absence, such as sickness, any ‘acting up’ period will only commence when the Team Leader is absent from work for three (3) consecutive days or more. The ‘acting up’ period will commence on the third day.
  • For planned periods of absence, annual leave, jury service etc., of more than three days (3) the ‘acting up’ period will commence on the first day of absence.
  • The employee ‘acting up’ will, unless there is unforeseen sickness, be notified of their period in the role and wherever possible there will be liaison between the employee, Team Leader and the Operations Manager of the expected works / functions to be undertaken. There will be regular communications between the employee and the Operations Manager during the period of ‘acting up’.
  • When a period of unforeseen sickness occurs, the Operations Manager will liaise with the Team Leader when they report sick and attempt to establish what work has already been programmed and what else may need to be undertaken. The ‘acting up’ period will only commence on the third day of absence unless the Team Leader advises they expect to be off sick for more than three days or has a fit note for a longer period.

(f) The ‘acting up’ role will not involve working in the office. The ‘acting up’ role is to supervise work / activities out on site and in the Council yard.

(g) The ‘acting up’ role will not include the monitoring of employees subject to disciplinary or performance reviews. However, the Operations Manager may ask the ‘acting up’ employee how an individual is performing etc. in their regular conversations.


To pay the employee ‘acting up’ no more than scp. 11 (or bottom of the Team Leader payscale.