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Finance and Strategy Committee

April 20, 2022 @ 19:00 - 21:00

2022-04-20 FS Papers as sent

Agenda & meeting papers can be accessed in the PDF pack above.

Minutes of the Finance & Strategy Committee meeting 20 April 2022 held in the Function Room, Marshalls Sports Ground, Middlefield Lane, Gainsborough

Councillors Present

Matt Boles (Chairman) David Dobbie Julie Musonda
Paul Key
Tim Davies


Councillors Absent

Richard Craig Chris Lambie James Plastow
Baptiste Velan


In attendance:

Rachel Allbones – Deputy Clerk (DTC/RFO)


Also present: Sally Grindrod-Smith

Agenda no Agenda item title Resolution Action Power
To receive a presentation by Sally, Assistant Director Planning and Regeneration at WLDC and the LUF Programme Manager Amy Potts on the Levelling up Fund for Gainsborough.


None N/A  
FS22/047 To note apologies for absence. Cllrs Craig, Lambie, Velan and Plastow had given their apologies. N/A Local Government Act 1972, s85 (1)

& Sch 12, p40.

FS22/048 To receive any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any applications for dispensations in relation to disclosable pecuniary interests or personal interests.


None received. N/A Localism Act 2011, s31.
FS22/049 To consider any dispensation requests received by the Clerk in relation to personal and/or disclosable pecuniary interests, not previously recorded.


None received. N/A Localism Act 2011, s33.
FS22/050 Minutes of the previous meeting(s)

To receive the minutes of the previous Finance and Strategy Committee meeting(s) and resolve to sign these as a true record of the meeting(s).

Paper A – Finance and Strategy Committee 16 March 2022


The Committee resolved to sign the minutes of the meeting 16 March 2022 as a true record of that meeting.


Cllrs Davies, Dobbie and Musonda abstained from voting.


ASO to publish on the website.


Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p41 (1). 
FS22/051 To receive and consider the following financial reports:


Paper B Unpaid Expenditure

Transactions for 13April 2022


Paper C Cashbook Summary (including due and unpaid transactions) for 31 March 2022


Paper D Budget Comparison Report (including due and unpaid transactions) for 31 March 2022


The Committee resolved to note and approve the following reports:


·      Unpaid Expenditure Transactions for 20 April 2022

·      Cashbook Summary (including due and unpaid transactions) for 31 March 2022

·      Budget Comparison Report (including due and unpaid transactions) for 31 March 2022



DTC/RFO to make bank transfer payments once signed off by signatories.


TC to invite local Police inspector to a future meeting.

Joint Panel on Accountability and Governance Practitioners Guide 2021.
FS22/052 To approve and resolve to sign the monthly bank reconciliation for 31 March 2022 as per the paragraph 2.2 in Financial Regulations.

Paper E


The Committee deferred until the next meeting due to the DC being on annual leave.


TC to add to agenda Joint Panel on Accountability and Governance Practitioners Guide 2021.
FS22/053 To review the council’s assets register and identify items for disposal. (deferred from last month’s meeting – FS22/033).

Paper F


The Committee deferred a decision to the next meeting as the register provided did not identify the items for disposal. TC to add to agenda The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, s. 3 b)
FS22/054 To review the council’s risk register as recommended by the council’s internal auditor. (deferred from last month’s meeting – FS22/036).

To consider a risk management policy.

Paper G


The Committee resolved to approve the Council’s Risk Management Policy and updated Risk Register, with the amendment from ‘Covid’ to ‘Infectious Diseases’ on item O10. ASO to publish on the website. The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, s. 3 c)


FS22/055 To review the option of budget comparison reports available from the financial software. (deferred from last month’s meeting – FS22/038).

Paper H Budget Comparison

Paper I Budget Comparison with headings

As per Paper D Budget Comparison with sub headings


The Committee resolved to receive Budget Comparison with sub headings on a quarterly basis (June, September, December and March), and receive the Budget Comparison with headings the remaining 8 months. RFO to present committee with correct reports at certain intervals in the year. The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, s. 3 b)
FS22/056 To consider and decide the Town Clerk’s access rights to the Council’s cards and accounts in line with financial regs (deferred from last month’s meeting – FS22/041).

Paper J


The Committee resolved to give the Town Clerk access rights to the bank accounts and to have a Commercial Card with a credit limit of £500.


Cllr Key voted against the resolution.

TC to set up a meeting with the bank and Signatories to arrange.
FS22/057 To review the Council’s Rolling Project Plan and decide which items remain outstanding, whether priorities have shifted in recent years, and how to achieve the items remaining. (Deferred from Full Council FC22/067)

Paper K


The Committee deferred a discussion until the next meeting.


TC to add to next meeting’s agenda.
FS22/058 To consider a strategic approach to IT provision.

Paper L


The Committee resolved to: –

·     Not migrate from Z: Drive to Sharepoint.

·     Continue looking into providing devices for councillors who want them.

·     Not provide mobile phones for work purposes to staff, due to most having their own devices and 5 employees have the BT app on their devices to make / receive calls.


TC to continue to research devices for Cllrs. The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, s. 4
FS22/059 To review meeting venue locations and the feasibility of moving back to Richmond House for all or some meetings and make suitable recommendations to the next Full Council Meeting.

Paper M


The Committee resolved to recommend to Full Council that all Committee meetings revert back to Richmond House and on their former days as per Structure and Functions, but Full Council remain at Marshalls on the first Wednesday of the month. To be reviewed in 3 months time. DC to produce a proposed meeting calendar for Full Council approval in May.


TC to add to July agenda.


FS22/060 To review the Member Allowances Policy and consider if any amendments need to be made.

Paper O


The Committee resolved to not make any changes to the policy. ASO to publish on the website.
FS22/061 To review the Social Media policy and consider any changes that may be necessary.

Paper P


The Committee resolved to include LinkedIn to 2b.


It was noted that RAGE website may need to be removed if Council agree not to maintain the site further.


ASO to publish on the website.
FS22/062 To receive any items for notification to be included on a future agenda – for information only.


1.    Bank Reconciliation

2.    Assets Register

3.    Rolling Project plan

4.    Year End Accounts


TC to add to agenda. N/A
FS22/063 To note the date and time of the next Finance and Strategy committee is scheduled for week commencing 16 May 2022 at 19.00. Noted. N/A Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, p10 (2)(a)

Meeting concluded at 20.56

Signed as a true record of the Meeting:_______________________________   Dated______________

Presiding chairman of approving meeting


April 20, 2022
19:00 - 21:00
Event Category:


Marshalls Sports Ground and Community Hall


Town Clerk